What To Bet / Not Bet for August in MLB

August tends to be a tough month for most bettors. You come out of July acclimated to the strange phenonmenon of Favorites destroying dogs making backers money on the blind. In August, the public usually gets slaughtered falling into a number of traps including very large chalk as well as home dogs off of a home loss. Consider the following scenario:

1. It is August.
2. You have a home dog of +110 or more
3. Off of a home loss or 1 run squeak by win where 3 to 10 runs were scored.
4. Not the last game of a series.

This team comes out with a false sense of self and a resulting flat performance next game going just 69-168 (29.1%) SU -75.15 units and a huge +19.0% roi to fade.

Keep this one in your back pocket for next month!

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