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I often am asked a very basic question about subscribing to my picks. Many express the desire to do so, but some have a limited capacity to purchase a season or annual package. If they make the purchase, they are left with a much smaller bankroll than they would like to start with.Here is the good news. If your interested in any of the early bird packages (see above), you can now get any of them of your choosing, WITHOUT PAYING A SINGLE PENNY FOR 6 MONTHS, INTEREST FREE! Yes, you read that right! Here is how. If you go to pay pal, here:

All you have to do is fill out the form, and you will get the 6 month interest free credit line of your choosing to cover the cost of any package, without touching your initial bankroll. You pay nothing until long after the season is over!

This is a great way to get on board, and for those of you asking if they could pay a little up front, and the balance in several weeks, THIS IS PERFECT for you, in fact even better, as you have to pay 0 for 6 months, without incurring any additional fees or costs.

Head on over to pay pal today, and get on board with my annual all sports package, a newsletter subscription  or a football package NCAA and NFL, or NCAA alone, or NFL alone.


NFL including playoffs 699.00
NCAAF including Bowls 699.00
All sports 1 year 1999.00
Newsletter 1 year 149.00

Just use pay pal and remit to, and any questions can be submitted to the same address.

Best of Luck,
East (weatherwizard)

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  1. This is what was written about me:

    Mr. East

    There aren’t many handicappers that have won more awards than Mr. East. He has two titles in the NBA (2008-09, 2010-11) and a football championship in 2008. He’s been in the top 5 in the NFL twice (2008, 2010) and three times he’s finished in the top 7 overall. Simply a must follow in my mind.

    Last year I finished #2 in the prestigious Vegas Wise Guy football contest.

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