[SYSTEM] Contrarian Under – Turnovers

Updated on August 13, 2015 in CFL Betting Trends
1 on July 16, 2015

Betting Canadian Football well involves a contrarian mindset. The betting market has always been one of the more square markets similar to how the WNBA market used to be. At this point in time, you can almost make a system out of anything where the general public would have a 60%+ consensus that one thing is going to happen and then you just bet the other side.

Here is one example:

1. You have a road team.
2. They just had a bad turnover margin of 2+
(they had 2 or more turnovers than their opponent).
SDQL: ‘A and p:turnover margin>=2’

The Under is 82-43-1 (65.6%) from just two parameters.

3. Total is over 49

This comes to 72-27-0 (72.7%) for the Under!

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0 on August 13, 2015

Thanks PCG. Keep it simple system!

It’s very consistent throughout the season, too. Nearly 80% if you rule late season/playoff games out of the equation. 

A and p:TOM>=2 and total>49 and week<16

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