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Hi everyone,

I’d like to make a short introduction to myself and my work based on SDQL. First I want to talk about my Trend Mart activities. I offer my best performing work in the Trend Mart Section. My username is Cherry.

For more than 15 Years I am working as a researcher and statistician in my daily job. I analyze trends, correlations and data on a daily basis and will try to use my earned skills to produce solid, valid and reliable SDQL Trends. I started experimenting with SDQL in 2009.

Here is a short list with my query analytic topics:

1. I will offer reliable Trends which had Profit in at least 90% of the seasons included in the Code.

2. A high Return of Investment is the goal, but more necessary is stability. You won’t see trends which are 21-0 over 15 years with only 1 game a year.

3. The Trends will be mostly League Wide. Teams change, Coaches change, so I don’t give much about team related queries, which does not mean that I think Team/Player Related Trends are useless. It is just not my kind of thing to look at Players and specific Teams in certain situations.

The information available here is believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate, is for recreational purposes only, and is not intended to violate any state, local, or federal laws. I will give advice as a researcher and suggest you to take these carefully. I never bet blindly on any Trends at all, but I’d rather take this as a meaningful help to do so.

If you want to ask something, criticize or just talk to me about SDQL-related topics, just shoot me an email:

I recently started tracking my picks via and had amazing results. After 3400+ plays starting 29th Jan up to end of July 2015, I had a profit of nearly over 250 Units. And a Yield of 5%, all odds are verified and taken pre match and based on the great insight from If you would like to look for my selection or just track my results, please visit: If you want to compare knowledge or share insight, feel free to message me. I’d like to help wherever I can.

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I have to correct myself.
So far since End of January:
CFL: 5-3 +10 Units (36 Units Staked)
NFL: 0-2 -2 Units (2 Units Staked)
NCAAF: 0-0 +0 Units (0 Units Staked)
NCAAB: 311-268-9 +40 Units (705 Units Staked)
NBA: 333-297-9 +59 Units (1297 Units Staked)
NHL: 269-213-30 +208 Units (1219 Units Staked)
MLB:  707-724-65 -31 Units (2838 Units Staked)

Overall: 1625-1507-113 +284 Units (6097)

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0 on August 4, 2015

Perhaps in the future we’ll have a tracking service where you can log system and trend bets and make a roster for shits and giggles.

Thanks for the contributions eser; your research is always solid.

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