September MLB Situation (Simple)

Updated on September 5, 2017 in MLB Betting Trends
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Folks, I believe there is a power in a system that matches up in multiple databases…as per a recent discussion with Cherry about integrity of data in any database. Consider, we’ve heard cappers like weatherwizard, wisely invoke a 10% roi minimum coverage rule which is, of a number of reasons, meant to account for the possibilty of erroneous or improperly logged data (for example, the parameter ‘Line’ is always going to be questionable per database as there are multiple questions about the best way to log it: from which book? at the open? at the close? overnight? average? etc etc).

So another method that addresses the same issue of accounting for a loss of integrity in the data is to run analysis across Sportsdatabase as well as your own databases. Here’s one simple trend I found for September that matches up in my own database at a record of:  84-64 +56.76 units +38.35% roi since 2016

And is 1142-1488 +93.08 units at SDB using sdql.

line>-105 and month=9 and total>8 and day!=Friday and conference=o:conference


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