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Updated on April 2, 2017 in MLB Betting Trends
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Happy MLB 2017 Opening Day!

We sent out one SDQL system this morning along with 3 free official selctions via the pcg free newsletter.

Here is the SDQL MLB Sports Betting System we first shared back in 2014 when the record was 50-16 SU +26.29 units, +26.4% roi and is now 68-24 +34.49 units +25.2% roi and active today and tomorrow on the Giants , Cubs, Astros, Rangers, Red Sox and Twins:

THE SDQL: F and game number = 1 and ((league=NL and A) or (league=AL and H))

PLAIN ENGLISH DESCRIPTION: In database history, road NL favorites or home AL favorites playing their first game of the season are 50-16 SU +26.29 units, +26.4% roi.

Let’s check back again on these Tuesday morning…


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