PCG’S MLB Sports Betting System for May

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2 on April 25, 2017

Here is PCG’S MLB Sports Betting System for May:

Back on 8/17/2015, PCG sent out this SDQL system via the pcg free sdql newsletter and the record was 346-686 (-1.12 rpg, 33.5%) SU and +119.11 units, +6.9% roi to fade and is now 375-752 +133.77 units (to fade) and +7.0% roi….a solid increase of 66-29 SU +14.66 units / +8.6% roi (better than expectations).

Since the system already proved itself to me to some degree, I thought I’d timestamp this post today (4/25/2017) and put the system, again to the test as it contains a condition: Months AFTER this month (April; so May to August)…so there will be qualifiers soon.

Without further ado, here is the MLB Sports Betting System’s SDQL 

THE SDQL: AD and line>125 and STDSERA <= 3.5 and o:STDSWHIP <= 1.3 and 4<month<9

PLAIN ENGLISH DESCRIPTION: In database history, road dogs lined greater than +125 with a decent starter whose ERA is <=3.5 are just 375-752 (33.3%) SU and +133.77 units to fade / +7.0% roi when playing against a very good starter whose WHIP is <=1.3; in the heart of the regular season: from May to August only.

Let’s check back again on this system on June 1st and then again on September 1st…

As always, we have a large sample size and a lot of room to either optimize things or loosen restrictions. Feel free to post your own variations for testing and learning purposes.

Best of Luck!

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1 on May 6, 2017

Hey PCG here’s a link to the 1st week of May 2017


SU: 2-3 (0.00, 40.0%)   avg line: 165.8 / -177.8
on May 8, 2017

4-2 +8.4% roi now. 

Doesn’t mean much. We’ll see…


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