NCAAF System Starting point

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1 on July 21, 2015

Thought I’d post this for you guys to A. debate whether it is a legitimate starting point B. explore extra logical parameters.

AD and tS(ats margin>0,N=7)>5

75-57-3 ATS (56.8%) since 1989.

That is, a road dog that has covered 6 or 7 out of their last seven games.

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0 on July 22, 2015

A. I think it is because you’re playing into momentum which is important in NCAAF as you pointed out before.
B. How about simply isolating winning teams andĀ opening it up to small favorites:

A and line>-5 and tS(ats margin>0,N=7)>5 and WP>50 and season>2009

Hot recently: 28-14-0 ATS

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