NBA Spot play

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3 on July 25, 2015

As I mentioned in the General discussion forum under wagering techniques… I have used this ATS scenario since the 20034 season with good financial long term success. I like watching for simple but effective scheduling spots.
NBA Spot Play

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1 on July 25, 2015

484-368-17 56.8% ATS – Pretty solid. Simple system. Good ratio of winning to losing seasons.
I have a system that is 72-22 ATS that is based on road favs off a loss with a high total. :)

AF and p:L and total >=198 and playoffs =0
on July 28, 2015

I wonder how do you play that kind of systems where one of the parameter can change or differ from what you can get from your bookmaker.

Let’s say the trend is active but at your bookmaker, the line is 197.5. Do you play it?

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0 on July 28, 2015

That is a really good point moisiFr. 

Something weatherwizard and I were talking about the other day is the danger of using market based parameters….is our database logging the best line? How much variance MUST you account for.

Better systems have parameters that were constants throughout the previous day (ie. team just score 1 or 2 runs). There is ZERO risk in that case of having a faulty system due to erroneous data.


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