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basically what this is about, is taking a dog that lost a day game on the last day of the home stand, and now have to travel to a night game for the first game of a road trip. these teams are a bit more rested than normal, as long as it is not a competitive division game. public views this team a loser, as they lost at home, and now have to travel for road game, not a lot of support, but lethal!
HD and DAY and n:NGT and n:A and division != o:division and p:L SU: 125-126 (-0.28, 49.8%)   avg line: 123.2 / -134.3   on / against: +$2,789 / -$4,191   ROI: +11.1% / -12.4%

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Looks like I need to figure out what is up with html in threads wiz. I know what you’re trying to post there with the table. I’ll get it figured out.

This is a solid system. I remember looking up some stuff I’d hear a lot from the stuffed suits on ESPN in NFL: East coast and West coast teams playing each other and one of the two being jet lagged. It isn’t really the case for the most part, at least from what I found. At best, you can eek out some small trend where it does happen.

How would you query travel distance with SDQL? I know there isn’t a specific parameter, but perhaps an unorthodox way such as: ‘(division=NL West or division=AL West) and (o:division=AL East or o:division=NL East)’

How about this:

(division=NL West or division=AL West) and (o:division=AL East or o:division=NL East) and A and p:H and start time-p:start time>50
That is, a team from the West playing on the road in the East after a home game and this game is starting at least 50 minutes past last start time. 

[EDIT] ; Goes 96-155 +30.74 units to fade so it doesn’t support the original premise.

on July 18, 2015

You can make it team specific, instead of by division, because in the West resides Hou,Colo, and TX.
You can use the team in[padres,Angels,]  add what you want

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