80-57 +35.45 units SU [SYSTEM]

Updated on December 16, 2015 in NHL Betting Trends
3 on October 18, 2015

Here is one to keep in your back pocket this season:

In the first month of the season, sub .450 teams off of a loss are are massive 80-57 +35.45 units SU vs. plus .450 teams off of a loss.

WP < 45 and o:WP > 45 and op:L and month = 10

Anyone have any good NHL Systems?

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2 on October 18, 2015

i have a bunch of them.   here’s an ez one to track.  1H of season bet on winning teams off a shutout home win

p:HW and po:goals = 0 and game number<43 and WP > 50

on October 19, 2015

very nice. Was actually looking at fading the Wings yesterday but passed. This one may have tilted the scales.

on December 16, 2015

I took rolltide’s query one step farther for a person who likes to risk less & limit their wager size to -175 or less
p:HW and po:goals = 0 and game number<43 and WP > 55 and line > -175
SU 137-73 (0.70, 65.2%)

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