Stat Wagering Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the Stat Wagering Community!

The Stat Wagering Forum is intended to be a place where forum contributors can interact with each other on a friendly, pleasant basis. The rules which govern the Stat Wagering community are applied to protect the integrity of the discussion thread board and of its users. Please familiarize yourself using these guidelines. Members of the Stat Wagering Team and Moderators are within the discussion boards on a regular basis, and we’ll enforce these guidelines where necessary.

Items that May Result in Immediate Ban:
Non-threatening - StatWagering encourages active discussions in our forums, even those about controversial topics, but the forums can only flourish if all members feel welcome and safe. We will not tolerate:
-Multiple messages targeting any member(s) for insults, attacks, or personal comments.
-Challenges to another member's right to participate on our site
-Allegations of fraudulent reviews or forum posts directed toward, or regarding, a specific person or property on Stat Wagering Forum.
-Sarcastic asides and snide comments.
-Posting of contact or personal information about other members without permission.
-Posting by those under 13 years. This is not something we decided arbitrarily - it's the law.

Family-friendly - No objectionable language or images.

Sports/Gambling/Investing/SDQL-related - Forums are for Sports/Gambling/Investing/SDQL-related discussions. Strongly irrelevant content is subject to removal; on the other hand, unorthodox threads are usually most welcome and may just be re-categorized by a moderator.

Free of solicitations - We welcome referrals, recommendations, and critiques from our members, but members do not visit the forums to be solicited or sold to. Please note this guideline also prohibits solicitations/invitations to participate in surveys, polls and research for future publication.

Authentic and original - Do not post copyrighted material or content published elsewhere.

Post carefully and respectfully - You have a brief window of time in which to edit your post, but after that you can't change your spelling, fix your grammar or take back any off-hand comments you may have made. A single profanity, hostile comment or personal insult - even in a well-considered post - can lead to the removal of a post.

StatWagering reserves the right to remove any post for any reason. We'd like to keep removal of posts to a minimum, but we will take the necessary action to keep our forums welcoming and conducive to helpful discussion.

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