RE: Wagering methods compared

In my opinion, all trends should be looked at as equal. I think you get into a erroneous territory when you try to put ratings or values on systems. I like how PCG and Weatherwizard and some other good posters put it in the past at the other forum: does a system PASS a number of specific checks. It is either a yes or a no. 

The bigger question is how you make the decision to bet something?
Do you avoid any and all conflicts or do you bet when you have more systems for and less against and maybe go with the biggest differentials. It depends on how many systems you have in your arsenal. Personally, I don’t have a huge ton (in an excel database) so I just make the bet when a system I like is up and there aren’t any conflicts against it, but I could see that method not working if you store 200+ systems per sport.