RE: Open Ended MLB Starter Fade System


That is AWESOME weatherwizard. I feel like that simplicity is exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about:

I want to find a big, broad system and as PCG said, THEN do my “Magic” on it after that which is more or less either adding extra parameters and capping it by hand to narrow it all down. I don’t bet everything blindly from the broad system.

I see what you and PCG are saying: I need 4 things to happen with mine and yours only needs one thing to happen. Let me say this though:

I want to fade a hot starter making a contrarian bet. I have a lot of other systems that are similar. Fading a hot starter this way and that way. There’s money in them hills and so since I am aware of this IDEA based on other research I’ve done, I am okay that this one has 4 factors.

And in case you’re wondering; I haven’t done all that bad over the years with this method. I’ve been doing it before I knew about sportsdatabase too.