RE: Need Help on Query

This code reveals teams who won in Week 17 last year, extending thier win streak to at least three games:  

season=2014 and week=17 and streak>=2 and W

All four of those teams made the playoffs (Hawks, Boys, Cats and Steelers) and only one (Pittsburgh) lost its first playoff game (vs Baltimore). 

This code seems to account for teams who won at least three straight games and DID NOT make the playoffs (Steelers in 2013):

week=1 and tpS(W, N=3)=3 and tpS(playoffs, N=1)=0

To try and account for teams who went into the playoffs hot and then lost, thus ending their streak, I’m thinking: 

week=1 and tpS(W, N=4)>=3 and tpS(playoffs, N=2)=1

Steelers show up live in Week 1, 2015 (at NE) and they were the only team of those four listed above who went into the playoffs hot and then lost their first playoff game (vs Ravens).