RE: Ideas for adding different Variables to the Database

I’m new to SDQL. I think that based on what I’m seeing, asking for improvement is a bit OCD; no offense! I’m sure once I get into SDQL more I’ll want more and more stats in the database, but as it is now….well I’m not sure if there exists anything that compares!

Fyi Cherry, databasing lines is such a difficult thing and one you need to always be conscious of: if you have any system ever base on market line, I immediately devalue it because it instantly brings into question integrity of data. The best thing to do is to consider previously static variables such as how many runs a team scored last game rather than something that could have changed throughout the day. Even if you’re just saying “dog” or “favorite” as a parameter, it is still dangerous because at some point in the day the dog could have became a fav and vis versa. 

Make sense?