Looks like I need to figure out what is up with html in threads wiz. I know what you’re trying to post there with the table. I’ll get it figured out.

This is a solid system. I remember looking up some stuff I’d hear a lot from the stuffed suits on ESPN in NFL: East coast and West coast teams playing each other and one of the two being jet lagged. It isn’t really the case for the most part, at least from what I found. At best, you can eek out some small trend where it does happen.

How would you query travel distance with SDQL? I know there isn’t a specific parameter, but perhaps an unorthodox way such as: ‘(division=NL West or division=AL West) and (o:division=AL East or o:division=NL East)’

How about this:

(division=NL West or division=AL West) and (o:division=AL East or o:division=NL East) and A and p:H and start time-p:start time>50
That is, a team from the West playing on the road in the East after a home game and this game is starting at least 50 minutes past last start time. 

[EDIT] ; Goes 96-155 +30.74 units to fade so it doesn’t support the original premise.