RE: Fading a bad offense from the AL

I got the same results, but here it is broken down by conference:
AL – 96-141 SU +49.2 units to fade since 2004
NL – 178-177 SU +4.95 units to fade since 2004

So you’re right; it does perform better in the AL. Any idea why?

Here is the SDQL: H and tA(runs) < 4.5 and p:margin < -7 and conference=AL

Try using ‘grouping’ (check the other forum or the manual for a description) as such:
H and tA(runs) <=4.5,4.4,4.3,4.2,4.1,4 and p:margin < -7 and conference=AL

Looks pretty linear, and roi goes up to +29% at <=4 rpg average!