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Bookies’ Injury Traps?

There are some bettors who think that it is bookmakers themselves who put out phony injury reports, hoping to confuse bettors, especially on first inning MLB betting, where the players were beating bookmakers big-time in the not-too-distant past. In fact, some Las Vegas bookmakers would and still will only take a $25 or $50 bet on a prop.

Public Sentiment

The feeling among the betting public is that bookmakers spread lies on any game involving marquee NBA teams for example. Let’s say that, in NBA, an injury report comes out that the Spur’s Tony Parker is injured. Some big bettors were making a killing on the Spurs at one point while you could balance the team on the edge of a knife. However, by saying he was hurt and might not play, the bookies accomplished two things:

1. They could legitimately tell their big bettors who beat the bookmakers and regular customers that they were taking only limited action on an individual game, since the status of Parker was uncertain.

2. They could scare away many bettors who, when faced with uncertainty, merely pass on such games.

Beat The BookmakersRumors

When rumors fly, bookmakers can take a game off the board or put it in a circle and limit the action on it. And, as we said, this permits them to maintain their credibility while protecting themselves from getting hit again by a hot team.

It is highly unlikely that the NBA is going to establish an injury policy; this means bettors themselves are going to have to work harder to take an edge against the lies.

First of all, every serious basketball bettor must have more than one outlet. Maybe if one bookmaker is not taking action on a team, another one will be. There is also the issue of betting lines, especially NBA totals, varying from one betting shop to another. Smart bettors who beat the bookmakers shop for numbers in order to “get” games that some bookmakers are not handling. They also get to see different lines and then place their wagers with the bookie who offers them the best number.

Beat the Bookmakers

By having a number of betting outlets, you will get a consensus opinion on the accuracy of injury reports. You will also be surprised to find that while one bookmaker carried Parker as questionable and would take no action on the game, another one, just a few doors away, was taking San Antonio action anybody wanted to place.

It also is interesting to note that for the first time in many years, more NBA basketball teams are playing to a consistent profile. This means that if a bettor can cut through all the lies and get to the truth each night, he knows that he is wagering on a team which is playing a consistent game.

-Tom Herbert

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